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Community Testimonials


Thank you so much for your generous donation to the contemporary theater company! Donations and memberships help make what we do possible. Your support will create opportunities for the community to create and enjoy theater this summer!

Great customer service for our commercial cleaning! The crews were very thorough and cleaned with care. Thank you again SERVPRO, you saved us in our time of need!

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island has some of the most courteous employees I have ever dealt with. They assured me that the remediation process would not be disruptive to my life, and they truly took an interest in my own well-being. Thank you. 

How do you keep your trucks so clean!? Always cool to see a sparkling green truck driving on the roads!

SERVPRO was working on my neighbor’s home and was very courteous when I asked them to move their truck so my car could get by. Thank you. 

The volunteers from your company who showed up to clean the playground at the school did a great job and worked very hard. Everyone here in East Providence, RI saw the trucks and will always remember to SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island!

Saw the picture of Stormy and Blaze in Pawtucket on Facebook. So great!

Great job helping to clean up our commercial building in East Providence. You got out all the water and your crews cleaned with great care.

Thank you for the clean up at our club house. You got all the water out and cleaned with such great care.