Biohazard Photo Gallery

Two men disinfecting Smithfield Police Department vehicles

Smithfield Police Department

As our first responders put their lives at risk day to day, we wanted to give back and thank them in our very own SERVPRO way. We stopped by and cleaned their vehicles today (4/26/20) as a token of our appreciation! 

Hydraulic Fluid Cleanup in Smithfield, Rhode Island

Recently, a home owner in Smithfield was dealt with a slimy situation, when hydraulic fluid was leaking out of their car. The fluid spread throughout the driveway and even onto the property's lawn. SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island arrived on scene and filled three barrels worth of fluid.

Sewage Backup in Home's Bathtub

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island responded to a home that was experiencing a backup that was spewing through the bathtub. Since raw sewage is a biohazardous agent, our crews had to carefully remove the agent and disinfect the area thoroughly. The owner could not believe just how widespread the sewage had actually gone. 

Soiled Removed from Hydraulic Oil Contamination

After hydraulic oil leaked out of a homeowner's car, SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island was called to properly clean and dispose of the contaminant. Once our crews removed all of the fluid from the pavement, it was time to inspect the lawn. To no surprise, the oil had spread onto the lawn/soil, forcing our workers to remove the contaminated soil. 

"Black Water" Pipe - Removed

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island responded to a concerned homeowner complaining about a leaking pipe that was spewing black water over the floor. Did you know? Black water is grossly unsanitary and could cause severe illness or death if ingested. Any and all contact should be avoided. We went in, dressed in the proper biohazardous attire, and made the situation, "Like it never even happened.

Sewage Leaks into Home's Garage

This was the aftermath of a backed up sewer line in the garage of a home in Central Falls, Rhode Island. There was significant sewage damage that left a 1-inch layer on the floor. Our crews, dressed in the appropriate biohazardous attire, went in and cleaned the entire garage from top to bottom.