Cleaning Photo Gallery

Debris in Basement

Look at all that dust and dirt! SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island Professionals got all gowned up to clean the lower level of a Greenville home. After two days of hard work, the house was finally spotless.

imPossible Dream Cleanup

The imPossible Dream Playground in Warwick, Rhode Island was recently vandalized. SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island volunteered their services to clean up the area, so that the local children could get back to playing in no time!

Dumpster Filled

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island was recently called to a home that required a whole bathroom remodeling due to a storm damage. Water had seeped into the bathrooms walls, and the home's toilet even backed up, leaving deposits of biohazardous waste. Our crews went in and removed everything that had been infected.

Contents Contained

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island responded to a home that sprung a leak in their basement due to a pipe burst. To ensure that none of the home's contents would be damaged by the water, our crews strategically placed plastic wrapping over their possessions and proceeded to thoroughly clean the entire area. 

New Air Duct System Installed

This is the picture of a new flex duct after it had been installed. Our crews responded to a home that was experiencing a funky odor when their air conditioner was turned on and they called us to inspect the system. Upon doing so, the damage that had been done to the inside of the ducts was far too extensive for just a routine cleaning. This prompted the family to invest in a new system. Now they have clean air!