What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

I was so happy you came out right after the storm and cleaned up our water damage. The team worked fast to get the mess cleaned up.

Your team was great in answering all our questions

Thank You 

After a tree limb crashed through our kitchen window in Harrisville, RI during last weeks storm, we needed it to be boarded up and fast. We called SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island who was there the same day. Thank you Don and Tina Mckendall!  

Thank you SERVPRO for your excellent disaster cleanup service(s)! I thought my house was done for when I came home from vacation and found water all in my basement. Boy, was I wrong!

Calling SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island was the best decision I made in a long time. They were professional and prompt, as well as effective in their remediation efforts. Thank you very much.

Dameian was great and the worker's were wonderful! I could not have asked for better service!

Initially, I did not know what remediation company to call. After doing a search on Google and reading up on local restoration companies, I was lucky to have found SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island. Great workers with even better customer service. Thank you for everything. 

After the heavy rains, my home experienced severe flooding. I contacted SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island to help salvage what was left of my basement. Luckily for me, the water was quickly extracted and my belongings that could be salvaged were saved. Thank you SERVPRO!

Once I came home and saw that the tree on the side of my home had fallen onto my roof, I knew my home was in trouble. Upon entering my home, water had soaked into my family room carpet. I didn't know what to do until I called SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island. The project manager who handled my call assured me that a crew would be dispatched in no time and that there was no need to fear. Thank you very much for coming into my home and fixing the problem! 

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island is a top, professional company. When my home had taken damage from the high winds, a tree had fallen on top of my house, causing the heavy rains to flood my family room. SERVPRO came in, remediated the situation, and left my family and I very pleased! You guys are total life savers!

Your company truly does care about the customer. Thank you very much with all that you did at my home!

Thank you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island for coming to my home into the middle of the night and removing the water damage in our home's basement. Your crew was very professional, prompt, and polite. Couldn't be more happy! 

The high winds from the most recent storm forced a tree onto our roof and the impression allowed the eventual rainfall into our home. After the tree was removed, SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island was called to remove the water. They truly did make the disaster, "Like it never even happened." 

After the rainstorm, the storm left our basement completely covered in water. SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island showed up quickly to my home and removed all of the water! Thank you very much! 

I’m so glad I had an ERP with SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island. After the storm had passed, my building experienced severe water damage in the cellar. All I had to do was to make the call and SERVPRO was there to assist me! Thank you!

Your quick response to our disaster from the frozen pipe leak at our business was great. Thank you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island!

The damage from the storm did a number to my roof and kitchen. Thanks to SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island, my house was taken care of in a matter of no time! The crew was personabale and very professional.

All of the rain yesterday seeped into my finished basement. Thanks to swiftness of SERVPRO, my kids were able to play in the basement the next day. Thank you!